You're Your "It"



So unless you walk on water, you need grounding like a path, a floor, or even a runway.  I like to think of my new year start as my runway plan and if I’m really good, it will be my funway plan that I use to launch myself into the stratosphere of feeling good about what I do.

What I do, who I am, and how I do me is also how I keep my lights on.  I made the commitment last year to do me in the best possible light, make me the person I want to be, and make my momentum support that which I want.

So, for those of you wondering how to do your “it”.  Here’s a little bit of a functioning plan: 

1.       Surround yourself with successful people whom you admire and use them as your Jedi panel of advisers.

2.       Know your numbers – how much time do you do what you do and how much money do you get for doing your “it”?  How much excitement do you get from doing your “it”.  And does doing your “it” make you feel alive and worthy? Then know how much you earn from doing “it”.

3.       Get and maintain being healthy.  If you’re not maintaining a level of good health then there’s lots of room for improvement. 

4.       Make your annual calendar outline and plan activities during specific times… if it’s a slow time for your business, find out what industry is busy during those times, how can your business interact and make a commitment to investigate and try a few things.

5.       Hire expert help… ensure the things you put out about your business activities are the best …hire someone who can make you look as professional and successful as you see yourself.  And, if your information is sub par – then refocus on how you see yourself.

6.       Create your vision board.  Seriously.  Make your board and read it aloud every day.  Hear the description you took the time to paste out.  If you can’t say it to yourself, how can you believe it possible?

7.       And last but not least. Have fun. Laugh a lot. Laugh at yourself, laugh at the joy of others, laugh as silly things, and have fun doing your “it”.  If it’s not something that makes you feel good about doing.. stop doing it.  And start doing your “it” because when it all comes down to it, you are you’re “it”.

~Val Stilwell, MSCS