We participate, guide, and oversee - by walking the walk.  We understand the needs of our clients and how to truly help them reach the next level.

Val Stilwell, Chief Strategy & Energy Officer

TEAM & PROJECT MANAGEMENT It's all about flow - movement in the right direction, in the right time, with the right elements, provides transformational change - for those organizations wanting to take the next step.

With a foundation in Communication Strategy, Stilwell specializes in leading the transformational change their clients seek.  Recognized as an evolutionary, her passion for building strategic social equity shines for the collaborative clients.

Chief Bottle Washer 

We're Growing With New Additions:
We are on a roll! 

anne Starke.jpg

Anne Starke, A Talented Visual Linguist

Intuitive in translating words into visuals with a targeted goal and knowledge for communicating directly to your desired market base,  Anne's background in graphic design, marketing, fine art feel, and production all come together to promote a cohesive and distinctive look for any brand or service looking to take their game to the next level and beyond.

Visuals that speak

Paul Bright, Video Man Of Success

VIDEOGRAPHY A professional beyond compare - Paul's driving ambition is to make videos people want to watch.  Which means his skill for interpreting how a person wants to represent is unmatched.  His raison d'etre: "Everyone deserves to shine".  

Magic with the moves 

Eva Long, Editor of All Things Written

Word curator, story smith, and book tender extraordinaire are just a few words to describe the multi-talented Eva Long.  With cohesion and logic, Eva picks her way through unbounded pages of life and magically organizes them into books for the mindful appetite.  

Plume behind the nom 

Shaun McGrath, Go Digital with Google Business Views & Photography

GOOGLE CERTIFIED TRUSTED PHOTOGRAPHER - Think BUSINESS VIEW for your company.  Talented panoramic visual photographer certified by Google to provide an actual virtual tour of your business for people before they even set foot inside. What an incredible opportunity for businesses to strut their stuff!  Links, sample, and more coming soon! Stay Tuned.

Patricia Hillyer, Wardrobe and Style Guru

STYLIST EXTRAORDINAIRE with an eye for personal detail when most still have their eyes closed because they simply don't know what clothes suit them best. Patricia teaches her clients from the ground up how to find clothes with the best fit/cut for them, stay current with style, and even take it a step further to polished perfection.  She starts with a client's existing wardrobe and builds from there.  It's not about everything new (unless wanted). It's about making a foundation for what can be.  When you're ready to update, refresh, and discover, make an appointment to bring your best foot forward and radiate with confidence each time you step out the door.

Fashionista behind the closet doors

Ward, Inbound and Talented Video Guru

VIDEOGRAPHER A seasoned professional with world-class real time capture, Ward's exceptional background in narrative and strategic delivery propels marketing opportunities to heights unimagined.  We are so excited to have his amazing talents available for our clients.

Check back soon for his latest captures and releases.