It Always Costs More To Catch Up!

I've got clients lined up now all saying the same thing - You wanted to do this for me two years ago - and now I understand what you were saying.  Will you help now?  Of course I'll help, but it's more expensive now because, there's a ton of review, possible clean up, and the time it'll take to establish the digital conversation(s) necessary to build credibility.

I always look at these people and wonder - what did I say two years ago that stuck in their mind enough to remember but not enough to act on at the time?  Why is it that when I told them what was coming and how they should step into it while they have time to build, they put it off only to suffer the consequences of the delay.

What I'm talking about is the notion of digital tribalism and business.  We're not doing anything new, but we are redefining how it's done which brings continued and new business growth in the technology era.  People are digitally filtering per activity, group, tribe, (insert common trait here), and self-segregating.

Businesses who don't recognize the digital bricks of this new form of communication that embraces one of Maslow's basic hierarchy of needs, a sense of belonging, is missing the boat. They quickly ask, where did they go?  Where did all the people go and why is my business taking a hit?

Figure it out, people.  Look around at others and become the best observer you can.  How are people communicating with each other, stamping their approvals, and leaving their residuals? They're doing it with a foundation of belonging... and yes, online presence is a place and people belong the the places they digitally sift and sort.  Now, how do you bring that presence into your business?  How much do you have to catch up?  And, to whom are you going to turn to guide you as you step into the necessary online / inhouse tribe(s).